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About Keller Weekly

We are a news site targeted towards the local community. By advertising here you get more exposure locally and therefore obtain more possible local clients and better leads.

We are a great advertising and marketing source withing the community and we will help you reach out to more clients and help you grow.

We know how expensive advertising can be. As a new Keller news website, we are offering advertising and much lower and affordable prices than most mediums out there. We are growing everyday and in order to cover costs for bandwidth, etc, we will have to raise our prices as we grow.

But if you lock in your price now for a maximum of 12 months with our introductory price, we guarantee the same low price for a year. And if you renew after your initial price, we will give you a reduced rate for being a returning customer.

Why target Keller residents?

Keller's Population Estimate is 201,927, 13th largest city in the state of Texas and 102nd largest in the U.S.

According to census data, the median age is 30.3 with a median income of $44,956. If you are targetting Keller residents we will help you market your business more efficiently.

Why advertise on Keller Weekly?

Keller Weekly is owned and operated by web developers and internet marketers that know how to reach users through this medium. The internet will eventually result in the disappearance of traditional newspapers. Readers want to sit in the comfort of their homes and easily access information online. Keller Weekly is a great source to market your business and help you grow.

The advantage of advertising online is that potential customers are able to access the internet from home or work. In fact, most of our users access our site through their work computers during working hours.

In a traditional newspaper, you might have an ad in one page, but it doesn't guarantee that every reader will see that ad in that particular page.

With Keller Weekly, we can design a marketing campaign where users can see your ad in multiple pages or you can target users looking for specific information. We also have the capability to have every single user see your ad. It all depends on your budget and needs.